Treatment for What Ails 52 Million Americans

If your joints are feeling a little tight and restricted, you might be one of the 52 million Americans that suffer from arthritis.

If the discomfort is in your hip or knee, then certain types of exercises are better suited to help you manage the discomfort. Try working these types of  exercises into your schedule two times a week.


The stress on your worn-out hip or knee can be very uncomfortable; keeping the muscles around the joints and the core muscles of your back and stomach strong can help to relieve the pain.

If you’re new to strength training, start by finding a trainer who is used to working with clients that suffer from arthritis, or a physical therapist with a similar background.

Strength exercises with dumbbells or bands can be extremely helpful in keeping your body strong without experiencing too much pain.


If you suffer from hip or knee arthritis, chances are that you are already familiar with how difficult high-impact activities such as running and jump roping can be.

Lower the impact of these exercises by using a bike or an elliptical trainer. Other options are water exercises that can place the least amount of strain on your joints.

Overall, don’t neglect aerobic activity. It’s important for keeping your cardiovascular system in good health.


Arthritis causes the knees, hips and other joints to tighten and stiffen up. To make it worse, many of us in the U.S. are already stiff from jobs that involve us spending most of the day sitting down.

Keeping your range of motion and improving your range of motion is important for those who struggle with hip and knee arthritis. Another great option might be a gentle and modified yoga program may be very helpful to increase range of motion in the hips and knees.

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This blog post was contributed by Dr. Simon Mears, medical director of the Total Joint Center at Baylor Regional Medical Center at Plano.

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Treatment for What Ails 52 Million Americans