Finding Comfort In Times of Joy and Sorrow


A first-time mom was going into labor two weeks early when she arrived at a Baylor labor and delivery unit. In a strange twist of fate, as this mother-to-be was about to bring new life into the world, across the hospital, her own mother lay in the intensive care unit in the waning hours of her life after a long battle with illness.

Shandy, a Baylor labor and delivery nurse who had been helping the nervous new mom, took it upon herself to help the patient deliver as quickly as possible and make the necessary arrangements so she could see her mother before she passed.

After a healthy girl was born, Shandy gently placed the infant in her father’s arms and wheeled the patient to the ICU, where she was able to tell her dying mother that she had a beautiful granddaughter and that everything had gone well. She also had a final chance to tell her mother that she loved her. Mere hours later, the woman passed.

Despite the emotional time, the new mom wrote to the hospital, “Shandy went above and beyond to give me the opportunity to see my mom one last time before she passed away. This would not have been possible if it weren’t for your amazing staff and our amazing nurse, Shandy.”

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J.R. Joseph holds degrees in psychology and communications from Loyola University in New Orleans as well as an MBA from the University of Dallas. He has worked as a writer in the health care field for the past decade.

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Finding Comfort In Times of Joy and Sorrow