Guilty Pleasures From Vending Machines


I’ve always wanted to write a blog post, titled “Guilty Pleasures!” I hate to disappoint, but this is not the start of my romance novel writing career. Instead, I’m going public: I love Cheetos!

Health blogger Dr. Jane Sadler recently admitted in her Dallas Morning News blog that she loves them too. I just had to stand in solidarity with her.

Maybe there should be a 12-step program for those who admit enjoyment of eating these crunchy little morsels of fat and salt? (“Hi, I’m Susan and I eat Cheetos.”) The new bakes ones really don’t do it for me. I’ll take the originals anytime.

For several years, I have been masquerading in my office as a healthy eater. You know, boneless, skinless chicken breasts with veggies for lunch. I don’t put sugar in my coffee. I eat Greek yogurt. I seldom visit the office vending machines, no Cheetos there! No soft drinks.

Little did my co-workers suspect that I, healthy eater exhibit 1, would stop at a convenience store on the way home to buy—yes, Cheetos. I’d eat half the bag driving home, and save the other half for another day. I keep napkins in the car to wipe off that disgusting orange residue from my fingers.

When I arrived at home I’d eat a green salad with avocado and lemon juice to ease my guilt.

Another important factoid:  I live close to work, so the Cheetos bags are the little ones (usually).

We all have our guilty pleasures.  One, otherwise incredibly health conscious friend, still enjoys a daily frappuccino, a skinny, of course.

Guilty pleasures help us get through some tough days or they just make us happy and happiness is good. Dr. Sadler explains why some of us learned to love these snacks and how it all goes back to our childhood.

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Guilty Pleasures From Vending Machines