Music video for the Children’s Hospital

Avery Ling is a 14-year-old Central Texas girl with a big talent for music and singing. She has written a heart-warming song to build awareness of the fund-raising campaign for the Children’s Hospital at Scott & White which is being built in Temple, Texas.

Entitled “Let Us Live,” the song has been produced into a music video.

The music video features Avery, with back up singers and musicians from a recent production of the musical “Annie”, where Avery sang the lead role of Little Orphan Annie.

When the video premiered for friends and Children’s Hospital doctors, Avery explained her inspiration for the song.

Throughout the video are pictures of children and their families who received care at the current Children’s Hospital at Scott & White.


The new Children’s Hospital at Scott & White is a separate hospital building just for high-level and acute pediatric patient care. When completed this fall, it will be the only acute care pediatric hospital between Dallas and Austin.

For more information about the Vision Campaign for the Children’s Hospital and the Let Us Live video, see the news release.

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  1. Dear Avery,

    Your boldness and sticking to your principles is an encouragment for all that seek to overcome. Thank you so much for writing this song. Many Blessing on you and your family to come.

    A friend.

  2. Hi Avery, this is Brad, your second cousin in Chicago. This is so encouraging and wonderful! Thanks for sharing your gifts by serving others.

  3. Hey Avery, this is Brad, your second cousin from Chicago, Shannon’s husband. Wonderful job, inspiring, and so encouraging. Thanks for offering your gifts to serve others!

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Music video for the Children’s Hospital