Mythbusters: Organ Donation

donateScott & White Healthcare has been performing organ donation since 1997, beginning with kidney transplant. Since then, we’ve successfully transplanted more than 500 kidneys.

Scott & White Healthcare also offers pancreas, heart and lung transplants.

Cinda Courtney, Transplant Coordinator at Scott & White Healthcare, busts some myths about organ donation.

MYTH: My doctor will hasten my death just to harvest my organs sooner.

TRUTH: If you are in the hospital, every effort to save your life is made. The organ bank is not contacted until there is no sign of brain activity and you can no longer breathe on your own.

MYTH: I can sell my organs for extra cash.


TRUTH: It is against the law in the United States to sell organs or tissue for money.

MYTH: My body will be destroyed when they take out my organs.

TRUTH: Your body will be treated with respect during the organ removal process. You may still have an open casket.

MYTH: My religion prohibits organ donation.

TRUTH: All major religions in the United States, including Roman Catholicism and Jehovah’s Witnesses, support organ donation as an act of love and charity for others.

MYTH: Rich people get organs first.

TRUTH: Organs are matched donor to recipient based on recipient’s wait time, blood type, height, weight, and other medical considerations.

MYTH: I am not the right age to donate.

TRUTH: You can’t be too old or too young. If you’re a match, your organ can be used.

MYTH: I want to donate only my corneas.

TRUTH: You may specify which organs or tissues you wish to donate. Your request will be honored.  

MYTH: Organ donation is very expensive.

TRUTH: The donor family bears no cost for organ or tissue donation. Insurance covers the cost of many organ donations.

Organ banks and transplant centers are heavily regulated by a number of federal agencies and governing bodies, says Ms. Courtney. Scott & White Healthcare follows the rules and regulations set forth by those agencies.

If you’re interested in becoming an organ donor, register at:

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Mythbusters: Organ Donation