New Book Highlights Baylor’s “STEEEP” Journey for Remarkable Patient Care


Many healthcare organizations understand the need to improve health care quality, but often lack specific strategies and tools for realizing their goals. A new book, Achieving STEEEP Health Care, describes Baylor’s approach to quality improvement and delivery of patient care that is safe, timely, effective, efficient, equitable, and patient centered (S-T-E-E-E-P).

“We decided to write this book to share examples of how we have improved patient care processes and outcomes at our organization, and to leave readers with practical strategies and lessons for implementing quality improvement programs and initiatives in their own organizations,” says Dr. David Ballard, MD, PhD, chief quality officer for Baylor Health Care System and the book’s editor.

Baylor is nationally recognized for its dedication to quality. It has received some of the highest honors bestowed by the country’s leading health care quality organizations including the Leapfrog Patient-Centered Care Award, for the board that has most successfully created a true partnership between caregivers and patients, and the National Quality Forum National Quality Healthcare Award for being a role model for achieving meaningful, sustainable quality improvement in health care.

More than 40 clinical and administrative leaders contributed to Achieving STEEEP Health Care. Together, they describe how the commitment to STEEEP care drives all health care system activities, from financial decision-making, to helping cancer patients navigate their treatment plans, to approaches for improving population health.

“Achieving STEEEP health care is not an endpoint, but a journey,” says Dr. Ballard. “We are continually striving to both improve the quality of care we provide and the health of the communities we serve, and to do so in the most cost-effective manner possible. We hope that sharing the challenges and successes we have experienced along the way will help educate and inform others.”

The book is intended for health care executives, including chief executive officers, chief medical officers, and chief quality officers, as well as clinical leaders, but is more broadly intended to be a practical guide to all who want the best for those in their care.

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Tara Marathe
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Tara is the manager of development for the STEEEP Global Institute, which is dedicated to helping other organizations deliver health care that is safe, timely, effective, efficient, equitable, and patient centered.

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New Book Highlights Baylor’s “STEEEP” Journey for Remarkable Patient Care