For New Year’s parties, healthy tips for kids

With New Year’s celebrations approaching this week, many young children will be taking part in yet another round of parties centered around food.

Even if you’re playing it low key this year, there are likely still platters of Christmas leftovers that your children are continuing to chow down on.

In the above “Ask The Expert” video, Our Children’s House at Baylor experts Carla Whiteside, speech language pathologist, and Marget Wincent, occupational therapist, offer some healthy strategies for eating and other activities during this holiday party season.

Among their pointers:

  • For those picky eaters, try not to change the routine just because of the holidays. Consider introducing your child to new and unfamiliar foods in advance of big family events, so that they might be more willing to indulge by the time of the event.
  • Don’t forget to continue to offer healthy options, such as fruits or yogurts, during this time of year. You might also consider asking them to help you prepare healthy snacks.
  • Choose activities in which your child is likely to excel. For example, a child with tactile sensitivity may be better off sprinkling cookies rather than stirring batter or touching wet or sticky foods.
  • For children with Attention Deficit Disorder, it’s important for you to prepare in advance and stick to the daily routines around things such as snacks, meals and sleeping.

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For New Year’s parties, healthy tips for kids