Scott & White staffers retell tragic story of the November 2009 attack on Fort Hood

Over the past year, Scott & White leadership has been talking about our values and how they form the framework of the culture at Scott & White. Many staff members have shared their ideas on what makes us unique and how each individual impacts the whole. Our culture initiative is centered on unique stories of care by individual staffers toward each other, and our patients… from a surgical triumph, to a simple pat on the back.

Our focus on the small things that matter can also prepare us to face major challenges. The video SERVING: Response to the Tragedy at Fort Hood recalls the tragic events that began on November 5, 2009, when a gunman opened fire at Fort Hood military base in nearby Killeen, killing 13 people and wounding 32 others. This tragedy demanded a major response and put us to the test like never before.

The Fort Hood video shows how we responded with compassion, teamwork and an unwavering commitment to patient care. It illustrates how we live our values of excellence, accountability, teamwork and pride, and shows our culture at its best. Fortunately, we don’t often have to respond to crises like Fort Hood, but our everyday care opportunities are just as important.

This video combines actual news footage over a period of several days, as well as recreations of events, and personal interviews of the staff members involved.

We may sometimes overlook the little things our people do to make Scott & White a special place, but any gesture… no matter how large or small, emphasizes the important role that everyone in the system has. Great medicine is not just about doctors and nurses. It involves everyone.

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Scott & White staffers retell tragic story of the November 2009 attack on Fort Hood