Are you an organ donor? Tell us with hashtag #ImADonor


A primary reason why we decided to live tweet a heart transplant on Monday night was to highlight the importance of organ donation.

In the hours during and after our #heartTXlive broadcast of “Jane’s” transplant, there was nearly a 30 percent increase in the number of people who registered to be organ donors, as compared to the number of registrants on a typical day, according to the Southwest Transplant Alliance and DONATE LIFE TEXAS.

Let’s keep the movement alive in the coming days by continuing to support people like Jane, who are in desperate need of organ transplants.

If you are a registered organ donor, share the above image on Twitter, Facebook or other social media accounts with the hashtag #ImADonor or make this version your profile photo. If you’re not already registered, consider signing up here.

Thanks, and #GoJane.

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Are you an organ donor? Tell us with hashtag #ImADonor