Staying Healthy: It’s a Guy Thing

Who says guys don’t care about health?

Nearly 300 men came out to Baylor Health Care System’s “It’s a Guy Thing” event in Grapevine to get free screenings and get their health questions answered. That was just one of the locations across the Metroplex.

And the men came prepared – many with questions like: “What’s my body mass index?” or “What kind of supplements should I be taking?”

The annual event serves as a “one-stop shop” for men to receive health risk assessments and interact with medical professionals about their concerns.

During one panel Dr. Zubin Khubchandani talked about why he sees more men today for knee replacements than ever before.

“People are getting bigger, we are just wearing out our knees faster,” he told a crowd. “Plus, we are living longer,  replacements that were once lasting a lifetime are now having to be done again.”

Many of the men had attended It’s a Guy Thing events in the past but a number admitted it took some nagging to get them there.


“My wife made me come!” one man told me. “What do you mean made you,” I said “I’m a little afraid to know the truth, ” he shot back.

Fear is one of the reasons often given by men for not going to the doctor. Men like to “tough things out” and say they’re too busy to get check-ups.

Sometimes seeing how easy the process is and how helpful it can be, can make all the difference.

“Was it that bad?” I asked the same man who had told me earlier he was afraid.

“I guess it wasn’t,”  he laughed, “just don’t tell my wife.”

Couldn’t make it this year? No problem. We’ve collected the best tweets and information from the seminars across the Metroplex and compiled them below. Check it out.

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Staying Healthy: It’s a Guy Thing