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South By Southwest is upon us, and Baylor Scott & White Health will be sharing some of our recent insights and emerging projects in three sessions taking place Monday, March 13. If you are at SXSW, please come and see us, and, if not, feel free to follow the discussion via Twitter using the hashtags for each panel below.

You can also follow updates from the Baylor Scott & White Health team at SXSW via the hashtag #sxBSWH.

Embracing Digital Disruption to Reinvent Healthcare

Hashtag: #DisruptHC

SXSW Embrace Digital Disruption
While healthcare has lagged behind other industries in adopting new, disruptive technologies, consumer expectations have continued to shift. We live in a world where convenience trumps all, and most services are available at the push of a button. Why can’t healthcare be the same? This panel will discuss how patients will access healthcare in the future as the traditional care delivery system is augmented by digital innovations and how Baylor Scott & White Health has embraced these innovations by collaborating with entrepreneurs and startups to redesign traditional care models and simplify complex problems.

Doctoring Up Your Social Media Advocacy

Hashtag: #AmplifyHC

SXSW Doctoring Up Your Social Media Advocacy
When activated employees share brand content, organizations see an exponential leap in overall engagement, increased exposure to new audiences, and almost 24 times more shares. But what if your employee audience is constantly mobile, distributed, and providing life-saving care to patients? This panel will reveal key takeaways from physician and employee engagement initiatives taking place at Baylor Scott & White Health and Mayo Clinic and how each leveraged their size and physician influencers to build brand loyalty internally and externally, including how each organization got buy-in from their medical staff and leadership and what tools have been most effective.

From Holodeck to Healthcare


Hashtag: #HolodeckHC

SXSW Holodeck To Healthcare
What once was just a hologram inside a fictional USS Enterprise now has a chance to change healthcare. As healthcare leaders seek out technology to improve and revolutionize the patient experience, sci-fi dreams of the past are becoming reality. Tech startups are embracing healthcare’s biggest challenges at a rapid pace as the race to transform healthcare intensifies. This panel will discuss how cutting-edge design and emerging technology will revolutionize the healthcare experience for all stakeholders in the health ecosystem.

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Experience SXSW with Baylor Scott & White Health