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The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift: Daughter Donates Liver to Mom

“I would have never known when I held her the very first time after giving her life, that one day she would be giving it back to me.”

Those words really stuck with me yesterday, when we worked on a news story about an organ transplant. Transplant stories are always emotional, but this one is very special as we near Mother’s Day because the donor was the daughter of the recipient.

Shayna Acuna, a 29-year-old mother of four young children became a living liver donor. Living donor liver transplants are not common, and carry a bit more risk than other organ transplants. Our physicians removed part of Shayna’s liver and transplanted it into her mother, Lisa Stickles, who had been battling liver disease for years.

Their surgery took place the first week of May, and lasted about six hours. After they left the hospital a few days later, the two went home to recover together.

As mothers, we want to do everything we can to protect our children and keep them healthy and happy. Lisa told me that it was very hard to accept this “gift of life” from her daughter. To that, Shayna says “she would have definitely done the same for me.”

I know that this will be a very special Mother’s Day for Lisa to share with Shayna, and I wish a happy Mother’s Day to all of our readers, as well!

They are both doing well and enjoying time together.  You can see them here in the news story or watch it below.

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The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift: Daughter Donates Liver to Mom